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  1. That is far from a UK accent. My friends from Japan has the same accent, although they speak worse english. So I’m pretty sure it’s just a Japanese accent.

  2. Okay Pornhub help me. Recently, an old friend of mine and I were hanging out and she said, "if you get this quote right I’ll kiss you." Thinking nothing of it, I answered right, and she kissed me, but didn’t stop kissing me for half a year. She had said randomly earlier in the night that she was ‘done with boys and relationships’ and yet here she was kissing me. She stopped kissing me after a while and said that she was going through a lot right now yadda yadda. Do I call her or let it slide?

  3. I really liked kristina her personality really matches me I’d fucking love to date and fuck her

  4. I love this girl, so cute and sexy and totally my type physically. Her voice is beautiful too

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